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Right now, i am working on a megaman zero pic...
Im almost done with the it. I am exciteed specially when i finish & improve some area of the at a time. However, every time i want to continue, part of me is afraid to do so.

I do have the time, but i find myself procrasinating & doing other things instead.
Its such a contradict kind of feeling..

I can't help but to wonder if other artist feels the same way as i do..
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Ok i admit!!
I can't keep up with DA as much as i wanted to.
My computer got broke earlier this year, and i don't have an internet connection for awhile now.

i have to barrow a laptop if i have to make some more digital pics.

however, i still am sketching and drawing...once in awhile.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by and checking my page!! (i appreciate the comments. Sorry if i don't responds to all.. but really, i do read them :D )

Have a Happy New Year!!
Hello everyone!!

I don't normally blogg but It's been awhile since i checked on my DA..

I just want you guys to know that i am working on checking the messages, and the deviations... i kinda try to catch up with it... slowly.

Well, i got busy with summer school, i took Bio 1 (studying hard to be exempted during finals), Visual arts foundation (i think its a big class for it to be in a summer class), and its corequesit, orientatin. Well i work too, so sometimes i acually fallen asleep during classes.. hee hee Also, i have to socialize with visitors since we've got a lot of family visits lately this time. A lot of things happend for me lately..

Anyway, i hope that all of you have a wonderfull rest of the summer. A lot of you are improving with your art skills. Keep practicing and learn from your older pieces.. i"ll just have to catch up with you guys!! :D :heart:
Thanks for 1,000 hits!!

Thanks for your support and for the helpful tips guys, because of it, im inspired to make more pieces of artworks and do better every time.

Also thanks to my awesome drawing buddies which i recommend to check out their stuff:

:iconmangaman13: Furry arts, american tv series animation, does a lot of art swap, loves AMVs, and currently into open canvas. A wonderful host of our lil' art session, entertainment operator. Also wonderful friend who shares tips and tricks on PS, he makes looks easier..

:iconpaintpixel: Original artworks and lots of fanarts. NARUTO FANS DO CLICK ON THIS ICON. Her artwork will blow your mind away! Also, a very accomodationg host, bakes mouth-watering cookies and cupcakes. Great Guro with PS and painters, i would never know how to use em wthout her help.. ^^

:iconfatpuppy: Nana style of art withlots of details, Naruto fan as well. Mainly uses markers to color. People who oves puppies will get along with her just fine. People, better check her stuff out coz she hides her artwork during art sessions.. hee hee

:iconronin013: Draws macho guys and sexy gals, marvel type of anatomy. Nice perspectives and fine linearts. Just recently started digital coloring. He always manage to pump us up with doses of inspiation. He's THE great cretique!! ^^

:iconjack0001: Also draws wonderful perspectives, nicely done digital artworks (i love his Spiderman fan arts the best). Likes to draw cars as well. Just getting to now him more & more...

:icontapart: Original characters Spider girls. Great perspectives as well, more creative original characters, mainly uses markers in his arts with smooth results. He also gives great hugs that would take your troubles away

:icondementedbutterfly: Mainly pencil skill, like to draw still life and anime with sexy poses (as i noticed). She also likes to draw people from magazine. She likes to play Playstation and a fighting game challenger.

These are great supportive friends found in DA:
:iconautomail-radish: :iconfevereon: :icondaragon: :iconminionsultd: :iconzenithomocha: :iconmariowibisono: :icondigital-kisses:
Finally!! i finished looking through my deviation inbox and messages!!

havent checked my DA For the past few weeks, im in a huge art slump...even so now as i speak...i guess i need inspiration??...

Aside from being busy with other stuff, i guess because im working on this one pic in PS and i didnt really like it that much + got somewaht lazy?? I feel like moving on, but also, i dont want to leave the one pic behind... sigh...

Anyway, i hope every body have a Happy New Year, i hope for you new year's resolution to be carried throughout the year... not just for the first few months or weeks.. hee  hee  :D
Ah hah!
i found a way to resize the pic without alterintg the image! No more color over laps beyond the outline!!

First: save the pic in jPeg type
Second: open saved jPeg pic to Photoshop
Third: resized the pic and save

I guess a lot of people know that already, silly me!
I dont know why everytime i resize the actual pic using photoshop, the color over laps the outline almost everytime in certain areas on the pic...
You can actually see it (colored pics) if you click full view.
Sorry if some of my pics in the gallery. Small part of the drawing on one side, sometimes they it got cut off.  For some reason, our scanner does that to all the pics we scan and if the scanned papers covers that particular corner.
I also appologize if some of my pics are a bit messy.  If you look closely to the pic, you can see another faint sketches.  That is because when i scanned them, i failed to put paper between the scanne pic and the next sketched page of mysketchbook... :)